Finally something has changed

Most tattoo studio managers say that all they need is a simple software to track basic things, such as contact and appointment details, send reminders easily and extract some reports.

Multilingual software

Our software is translated in more then 12 languages. German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and many more!

No more headaches

Automatically create Tattoo and Piercing Consent Forms with customers data. Save them in pdf -no more papers around.

Auto Reschedule

Your customer have a change of heart, iTattoo will automatically reschedule the appointment to the next available slot, not before letting the customer know and getting their RSVP either via SMS or e-mail.

Online and Offline

Our software may work with any OS, you can either choose to install on your desktop or just run directly in your browser. This software will help you to manage your online or offline database stress-free.


You can schedule appointments with an easy drag-and-drop, organize them by colors, and iTattoo will handle the rest: sending SMS reminders both to the customer and the artist!

Get in touch

iTattoo also features a real-time instant messaging application, which allows the artist to conveniently chat with their customers, exchanging photos and ideas.

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