Questions and Answers

  • Does your software work with any Operating System?

    iTattoo works with any OS. You will need only a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and a internet connection.

  • Why shall I buy this software?

    Schedule appointments with an easy drag-and-drop, organize them by colors, and iTattoo will handle the rest: sending SMS, Push Messages and e-mal reminders both to the customer and the artist! Should your customer have a change of heart, iTattoo will automatically reschedule the appointment to the next available slot, not before letting the customer know and getting their RSVP either via SMS or e-mail. If more than one appointment require rescheduling, it works on a first-come-first-served basis, so that the artist doesn’t end up with any unwanted free slots.

  • Do you have different plans?

    We offer a "full optional" flat plan at a reasonable price. No more worries of extra expenses, if your studio grows we will be happy to grow with you without changing prices.

  • What languages does your software support?

    English, German, French Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.

  • Do you have a customer support?

    Sure! We have a multilingual dedicated sale and technical support.

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