iTattoo – don’t call it a simple calendar, we have created a out of the box powerful easy to use solution

Old scheduling software are designed to operate on one or two operating systems and require you to type in a lot of details, like treatment or costs, and even to check clients in and out. They can be tedious and annoying, not to mention they may not run on your Mac!

Instant Messaging App

The first Tattoo and Piercing Scheduling Software with chat integration. iTattoo also features a real-time instant messaging application, which allows the artist to conveniently chat with their customers, exchanging photos and ideas. And just in case anyone gets too cheeky, the artist will be able to block their access.


You just schedule appointments with an easy drag-and-drop, organize them by colors, and  iTattoo will handle the rest: sending , APP PUSH, SMS and e-mail  reminders both to the customer and the artist! Should your customer have a change of heart, iTattoo will automatically reschedule the appointment to the next available slot, not before letting the customer know and getting their RSVP either via PUSH, SMS or e-mail. If more than one appointment require rescheduling, it works on a first-come-first-served basis, so that the artist doesn’t end up with any unwanted free slots.

Powerful and easy to use Dashboard
  • Registered Customers
  • Daily New customers
  • Daily Appointments
  • Active and Completed Projects
  • Revenue
  • Services Stats

Manage your customers data in a new way

  • Check Appointments
  • Customer may add his/her personal picture via iTattoo App
  • Add Photo of customers work
  • View Projects
  • Write Notes
  • View Customer Stats
Staff & Guests

Manage all your Staff and Guests

  • Add Services based on Staff
  • Manage Working hours on each staff member
  • Manage holidays and sick leave (alert your customers automatically)
  • Manage your Guests
  • Manage your customers deposits
  • Manage your customer payments
  • One click PDF and Print receipt